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AdvoCare daily Ritual!

So me and the hubby started off with the guns a blazin. We went out and bought the best compartmentalized lunch bags to carry everything in and also got the little microwavable safe containers. I bought all the fruits and vegetables along with chicken, nuts, shaker bottles and even a rice cooker.

24 Day Challenge…

So I wa24 day challenges roped into the Advocare thingy ma bob!  All my friends and family, okay mostly family, were doing it and touting how wonderful it was all over Facebook. You know that kinda annoyance where your about to unfriend them because they are borderline harassing you. Every day posting pics of what they were eating and then, of course,  the post “10 day cleanse” pic of how they lost 5 lbs. Yeah…you feel what I’m sayin.  Seriously about to flip my Sh**!