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Bucks County Contractors Working Together

Bucks County Contractors

Working together in harmony, A bucks county carpet store and philadelphia plumbers.  Keeping with the I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine statements, they are appealing to the massed by offering their services at discount pricing to the other parties customer.  Fantastic concept and easy on the wallet.

While this is not a new concept, it is however new to the local market and will be the best option moving forward to get the customers calling.  The idea is that the plumbers will be able to hand out a card, flyer or whatever to their current customer and the customer will be guaranteed to get a 10-15% discount on services rendered by the Sister companies, if you will, listed on the card.

Now saving 10% may not seem like a lot but if your in a budget restricted household, it can be the difference.  Some say, well what about of another competitor offers the same discount? Why would I use the one in the group? A great question and definitely one we get asked a lot.  The team approach to servicing is to protect the customer at the end of the day. We all know and probably have used Angie’s list or some other similar rating system to find the good/ great contractors. But at the end of the day, we are using some strangers recommendation.

People value the recommendations of their close friends and family.  That will ultimately trump other peoples recommendations.  So we offer services thru our group that is top notch and quality. Our contractor are local to your area and have been used by your neighbors and the work is performed by licensed contractors, not by flight by night guys.

You house and your family should always be number one, so lets make sure they stay healthy ad happy

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