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A Medical Blogger Makes the Most of His Profession

Physician Assistant BlogIn a world of social engagement and healthcare in turmoil, this physician assistant is taking his blogging to the world.  He states his is an entrepreneur, SEO blackblet  and obviously Physician Assistant blogger. His Medical Blog is engaging and he is now working on his podcasts. He is definitely excited and hopes he gets a million subscribers!

For many years, Scott McClain has been interesting in the online world. He states he tried his hand at many endeavors to make some money and at times, he has! He admits that he was never really good at it but with persistence, he has become very proficient. He states that he kept hearing how most people quit in the first few months to a year and never amount to anything. He want to quit the online interests at many times himself, but would get sucked back in after reading stories of success.

He states his ideas were in various things he had interest in and not in his career, which is a Physician Assistant.  He states he struggled with what to do to establish a readership and afterwards, try to earn an income.  He states giving free medical advice in this world we live in today is not to wise. He states he is trying to avoid litigation altogether. He really had no idea what to do!

Then came his first break with local internet marketing. He started to help local business get ranked in Google and increase their leads. He states he has a few paying customers, but admits this is not the Medical Blogging of his dreams. He wanted to marry the love affair he had with the internet and the career he chose.  He decided to blog about medicine in a way that he could engage readers and spark some interest. He states everyone in medicine has to establish themselves online and usually has a social profile somewhere, but are they doing anything with it.  Why not discuss what can be done and how medical professionals can increase there rankings and patient base.  Teach them how to establish there credibility online and make a name for themselves.

Although he admits he will still cover a large array of Physician Assistant info and education, he wants to open there eyes to a world of entrepreneurship online and possible encourage new ideas in medicine. He feels cultivating a conversation is the beginning of great things.

Go to and subscribe to his blog and up coming podcasts. Learn what you need to get hired, what questions to ask, how to start a blog, how to make money online and more.

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