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Whats new with the world of Marketing?

I market to make money

I have been marketing to make the money I feel I deserve.  Not only do I do this to make money, but I have been actually falling in love with the idea.  Its mostly online and some offline, but either way its very interesting when you an actually move people, or a crowd of people.

Getting to the people

Getting to the people is the easy part…at least offline. Getting to the people online is another story.  I have been reading blogs vigorously trying to get to the bottom of where are the Fish at.  The frenzy that I am supposed to feed and rake in the money.  Well, they are their buts its a lot of work to get to that level.

The Frenzy can be anything that people search for or what they are talking about.  You find them on blogs, in social pages and even forums still.  This trick is to join the conversation and listen to what they want and need and then serve it up to them.

Once that is accomplished the next step is to wrap up the answer to there pain in a pretty package that they cannot resist.  This is marketing to the core.  We all only need the main basic to survive. So anything else is just wants.  We do not need these things.  Well lets figure out what they want and try to give it to them.

Over the next few months I will post about exactly that.  I will find the feeding frenzy and then serve their answer or desire in a beautiful package. I will walk your thru the steps and give you updates on how I make this happen. Well, wish me luck and stay tuned for what is to follow.  I plan on giving you the answers to the internet holy grail.

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