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The Challenge is over!!!

Day 24 of AdvoCare Challenge!

That’s right, the challenge has come to ta close! I started out with the thought that if I lost 5 pounds it wouldn’t be a total loss. But I ended up losing more! Wait til you get a load of this…

I lost 12 pounds total. I started out weighing 172 pounds…and now I am a whopping 160 pounds! Can you believe it? I stuck to the regimen of what was layed out for me and Voila, here I am getting skinny. So what did I learn from this experience.

The take away from the AdvoCare challenge:

  • Stay focused – Never lose focus of why you started…set a goal and get there
  • Stay consistent – never stray from the plan…its only 24 days
  • Gym Time – Go to the gym and start getting that habit going also…it helps!
  • Diet – The diet is the most important thing about the plan. No matter what you do gym wise, it’s all about what you eat and when
  • Partner up – Get a partner to go along with your. it makes it easier if your both living together and doing the same thing
  • No Scale – Don’t step on the scale until the end. You will see results int he mirror first.

In conclusion of the 24 day Challenge

I would definitely recommend AdvoCare to those that need structure and a good baseline. Do I think you can do this without all there supplements, Sure! But I can attest that the supplements are good and not horribly expensive. The other benefit is if you become a distributor, you can sell the supplements and get your at a discount. I guess that may be my next challenge…see who I can bring aboard and get some money going.


Anyway, until next time!

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