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Another Great Deal…Local But Great!

Luxury  Deal…Why Not?

I had the opportunity to get a discounted limousine ride to the airport the other day. Albeit, it was a ride to the airport not for a joyous vacation but for a funeral I had to attend in Florid.  But I will not digress here. The person who was supposed to give me Ride couldn’t , so i had to call for a taxi/limo service. I found this company in Reading and this guy gave me 20% off since his last person cancelled and I was in a bad situation. He was very compassionate. The limo company, Reading limo service, services Berks county and surrounding area’s.

The driver showed up on time and very clean. He had had some breakfast snacks in the limo and ready to go. He asked for my luggage and so I handed it over without worry. The limousine was vary clean and the entire operation from house to airport was very professional. So what about he deal.

Like I said I got 20% off. I think he said he often runs deals after the Prom season to ignite some interest again in the customers he had to turn away. He states Prom is a very busy season. The trip cost about $500 but minus my 20% and it only cost$400. I mean you can’t beat that. What would I have paid to park and or paid a cab. I was rolling in style for a great price. Granted I probably could have gotten a taxi for a lot less, but why when I can get a limo ride. I was taking off from Philly anyway so I might as well be comfy.

Great Deals

So the moral is, just don’t assume you can’t afford something without investigating it first. Sometimes these companies with haggle as they would rather their car be working than sitting in the lot.  take a chance and call someone today and you may be surprised!

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