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Entrepreneur…Getting some good advice!

Hey Folks, I’m back with some cool news! I won’t bore you with my morning routine and the daily grind of what I did at the Gym. That’s Not that cool!

What is cool, is I may try my hand at being an entrepreneur and give selling this AdvoCare stuff a shot.  I can honestly say that this was not my intention from the beginning, but it can’t hurt either. I figure maybe I get to change someone’s life for the better. I mean healthy is healthy, Right?

So I was talking with my cousin Mike, He owns  ,Which is a Bucks County Flooring Company,  and is also an avid AdvoCare user. He has done well and maybe I’ll get him to allow me to post his before and after pics here.  But anyway, he started to give me some advice on starting my own AdvoCare business. He states it’s not that hard as the products and pics from all over the web should do the heavy lifting. He states the hardest part for me will be to get those people to make the decision to try this and stick with it.

In that, the fact that I am going thru this, with modest results, should also be a testament to the product.secret_entourage_academy His advice was to use my blog for the journal and give advice to others starting out. He also recommended that I sign up for this service call secret entourage academy. He states he also uses this and the concepts that these top leaders in the world share…are priceless.

So I am excited to announce that I will be promoting the AdvoCare business and helping others to do the same.  I will be trying to get interviews with other leaders in the AdvoCare business field as well as some lower level business owners. I think the interviewing will help you see that this is possible and others are living it. For example, A friend of mine, Ashley, is earning a great $8000/month income selling and promoting AdvoCare! Who couldn’t use this extra cash? I know this would be more than I have ever made anyway.

I will try to get an interview with Ashley and ask her some questions about the selling aspect. So if you have any questions…email me them and I will try to incorporate those into the interview.


Okay…gotta go!

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