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AdvoCare daily Ritual!

So me and the hubby started off with the guns a blazin. We went out and bought the best compartmentalized lunch bags to carry everything in and also got the little microwavable safe containers. I bought all the fruits and vegetables along with chicken, nuts, shaker bottles and even a rice cooker.

Yup…we are serious about this stuff! So we started the day after easter so we ate like pigs that night. The following ten days were pretty easy. I mean I heard a lot about the fiber drink tasting nasty, but I kinda liked it. You start off with you morning spark and then you supplement packs as directed followed a healthy breakfast. I typically ate oatmeal or once in a while eggs. I only ate 1 yoke with about 3 egg whites. I would also eat a medley of fruit that I pre-made as well. I ate strawberries, blueberries, raspberry and snozberry!(<–A little Willy Wonka)

Then lunch would roll around and I usually had the meal replacement. My husband would eat something like tuna out of the can or he would use the meal-replacement. Oh…I usually ate almonds for a snack before lunch.

Dinner was chicken usually but some times turkey chili with a vegetable and no carbs. We only ate carbs for breakfast and lunch.

Anyway…I lost about 6 lbs and now I’m at about day 14. I feel like I have stalled a bit but everyone is telling us that we are doing okay and to keep going. So, we are not giving in yet. We are aloud to add dairy back into the diet, you can’t eat dairy during the cleanse. But we are only doing it sparingly.

Well, I have to get cooking. We are having some chicken tonight with a special treat. If your interested in the advocare stuff or the 24 days challenge, just shoot me a email.

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