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24 Day Challenge…

So I wa24 day challenges roped into the Advocare thingy ma bob!  All my friends and family, okay mostly family, were doing it and touting how wonderful it was all over Facebook. You know that kinda annoyance where your about to unfriend them because they are borderline harassing you. Every day posting pics of what they were eating and then, of course,  the post “10 day cleanse” pic of how they lost 5 lbs. Yeah…you feel what I’m sayin.  Seriously about to flip my Sh**!

One night while at my mothers, my sister in law starts talking to me and my husband about this Advocare stuff. I did not make a face or tell her to leave it be. I listened like a good sister in law. Anyway she tells me how much weight she lost and how she felt great, you know with lots of energy. I thought here we go…another sales pitch.  But I waited and no pitch. Wait a minute here…your suppose to want me to hop on board the selling train so you can make money from my down line, Right? Whats going on here?

She never sold me on the distributor stuff, which I’ll get into in a later post. She really just wanted me to try the product. She states it may work for you and after all…what do you have to lose? It’s only gonna get you to eat healthier and possibly stay committed.  Scratch my head! So before you know it, I’m talking with my husband one evening and we are ordering the distributor package and taking the 24 day challenge.

The 24 day challenge is just that. You order a package of supplements and possibly meal replacements and pick a start date. They basically ship all the products you need with a book to follow on how and when to eat. It also give you ideas of foods you can eat that fit the idea “dieting” protocol. Basically, you eating clean ( like you should be doing) for 24 days. In the end, your supposed to be a new person and understand that you don’t have to starve yourself skinny/healthy,  you just have to eat right and take the proper supplementation.

Most people feel they can do it on there own and I guess you can. But most people wont.  It takes I don’t know, the general consensus is 21 days to break a habit. So I guess this challenge was called the 24 day challenge for a reason. For some reason, a challenge seems to motivate most…look at the silly ice bucket challenge, we all did it!

So I’m in the middle of my 24 days challenge and it’s not that bad. I can definitely see a difference and I’m actually making this stuff habitual. The idea that it conveys is to stay the course and that I am doing. But the Challenger itself is just that a challenge.  For most, it will seem stupid, but it is truly changing the way I think about eating and health.

Anyway, stay tuned for more, but for now it’s dinner time!

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